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Apostle John Eckhardt Decrees Words of Power 4 YOU

When on your cell, you have to scroll down to the bottom of this/ALL Web pages, click on Blue "classic" link (bottom of) this page to be in RIGHT format for proper viewing, and for BEST Viewing, hold your cell sideways like watching TV or a video...


I/We pray for, believe, and receive any necessary resets in my/our life including my mind, emotions, tongue, finances, relationships, physical body, appetite, time, schedule, sleep, vision, ministry, business, family, prayer life, praise, worship, Word level, standards, future, and home.

DECREE & DECLARE OUT LOUD, "In the Name of Christ Jesus:
Let my/our mind and brain be reset. My/Our thoughts are being reset. My/Our mind and brain will work at an optimal level. Let my/our neurological system be reset. Let my/our thoughts be reset. Let any negative thinking be removed from my/our life. Let the right hemisphere of my/our brain be reset. Let the left hemisphere of my/our brain be reset. Let my/our imagination, concentration, analytical abilities be reset (2nd. Corinthians 10:4-5). Let my/our focus on Your plan for my/our life be reset. Let my/our coordination and balance be reset. Let the creative function (Witty Inventions Proverbs 8:12) of my/our brain be reset. Let the logic function of my/our brain be reset. Let my/our Limbic System and my/our brain stem be reset. Let anything in my/our brain or thinking that is out of line be reset in the name of Jesus. Let the reset cause me/us to be mentally stable. 
Let my/our emotions be reset. Let anything in my/our 
emotions that is out of line be reset. Let the reset cause me/us to be emotionally stable.

Let my/our tongue and speech be reset. Let any area of my/our speech that is incorrect be reset. Let my/our tongue be wholesome. Let my/our tongue be a tree of life (Genesis 3:22, Proverbs 11:30). Let any perverse or crooked speech be removed from my/our tongue. Let me/us speak words of life and healing (completeness and wholeness Luke 17). Let me/us speak the Word of the LORD and Prophesy. (Ezekiel 37)

Let my/our voice be reset. Let the anointing be in my/our voice and vocal cords. Let anything hindering my/our life from being heard be removed.

Let my/our finances be reset. Let anything or anyone stealing my/our finances be removed. Let my/our bank accounts be reset. Let my/our wallet and purse be reset. Let my/our cash flow (of GREAT Supernatural Increase) be reset. Let anything that is out of order in my/our finances be removed in the name of Jesus.

Let my/our sowing and giving be reset. Let my/our seeds bring great multiplication (1,000 Fold Deuteronomy 1:11) in the days AND YEARS to come.

Let my/our relationships be reset. Let any person that is sent by the enemy into my/our life be removed. Let people who are sent by the LORD be added to my/our life.

I/We receive miracle resets for my/our body. Let my/our physical body be reset. Let my/our circulatory system be reset. Let my/our skeletal system be reset. Let my/our nervous system be reset. Let my/our muscular system be reset. Let my/our glands be reset. Let my/our digestive system be reset. Let each system of my/our body operate at an optimal level. Let the organs of my/our body be reset. Let my/our heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, lungs, stomach, intestines receive a divine reset. Let the cells in my/our body be reset. I/We believe and receive healing for any part of my/our body that is infirm in the name of Jesus.

Let my/our eyes, both naturally and spiritually be reset. Let me/us see clearly the things I/we need to see.

Let my/our ears, both naturally and spiritually be reset. Let me/us hear clearly the voice of the LORD. Let me/us hear the Word of God. Let me/us hear sound preaching and teaching. Remove any blockage from my/our ears that prevent me/us from hearing You clearly.

Let my/our nose and smell, both naturally and spiritually be reset. Let me/us have great discernment in the days to come.

Let my/our feet, both naturally and spiritually, be reset. Let me walk in the right paths. Let my/our walk with You LORD be strong and perfect.

Let my/our spine and spinal cord be reset. Let my/our posture be reset. Let my/our back be reset.

Let my/our appetite be reset. Let my/our taste be reset. Let anything I/we have a taste for that is harmful to my/our body be removed.

Let my/our sexual character be reset. Let any perversion or sexual impurity be removed FROM my/our life. I/We present my/our body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).

Let my/our time and schedule be reset. Let anything or anyone wasting my/our time be removed. Let my/our priorities be reset. Let me/us properly prioritize the things that are important to my/our purpose and destiny.

Let my/our prayer life be reset. Let my/our desire and passion for prayer be reset.
Let my/our Word life be reset. Let my/our desire and passion for Your Word be reset.
Let my/our praise life be reset. Let my/our desire and passion for praise be reset.
Let my/our worship be reset. Let my/our passion and desire for worship be reset.

Let my/our vision be reset. Let my/our hope be reset. Let my/our love be reset. Let my/our dream life be reset. Let anything that is hindering me/us from hearing God in my/our sleep be removed.

Let my/our sleep and rest be reset. Let me/us enjoy sweet sleep (Psalm 127:2, Proverbs 3:24, Job 11:19,  Psalm 4:8Jeremiah 31:26, Matthew 8:24Let all insomnia and restlessness be removed from my/our life.

Let my/our gifts be reset. Let anything preventing me/us from operating in my/our gifts be removed. Let fear be removed. I/We will stir up the gift of God within. (2 Timothy 1:6)

Let my/our faith be reset. Let all doubt and unbelief be removed from my/our life. Let my/our faith continue to grow exceedingly (Ephesians 3.20).

Let my/our dress, wardrobe and style be reset.

Let my/our present and my/our future be reset. Let my/our course be reset. Let any course that I/we am/are on leading me/us in the wrong direction be removed.

Let my/our joy and peace be reset. Let the joy of the LORD be my/our strength (Nehemiah 8:10), and let me/us enjoy PEACE or SHALOM.

Let this year and BEYOND be a year of miracles and divine reset. Reset every area of my/our life LORD and HELP me/us function the way You intended. Let anything that is out of order in my/our life be reset. Let there be divine adjustments and corrections in my/our life. Let my/our walk in accuracy and completeness IN THE DAYS AND YEARS TO COME.

I /We believe for a continuous flow of blessings and prosperity in my/our life in 2017 AND BEYOND."

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