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Apostle John Eckhardt Decrees Words of Power 4 YOU

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I/We pray for, believe, and receive any necessary resets in my/our life including my mind, emotions, tongue, finances, relationships, physical body, appetite, time, schedule, sleep, vision, ministry, business, family, prayer life, praise, worship, Word level, standards, future, and home.

DECREE & DECLARE OUT LOUD, "In the Name of Christ Jesus:
Let my/our mind and brain be reset. My/Our thoughts are being reset. My/Our mind and brain will work at an optimal level. Let my/our 
neurological system be reset. Let my/our thoughts be reset. Let any negative thinking be removed from my/our life. Let the right hemisphere of my/our brain be reset. Let the left hemisphere of my/our brain be reset. Let my/our imagination, concentration, analytical abilities be reset (2nd. Corinthians 10:4-5). Let my/our focus on your/our plan for my/our life be reset. Let my/our coordination and balance be reset. Let the creative function (Witty Inventions Proverbs 8:12) of my/our brain be reset. Let the logic function of my/our brain be reset. Let my/our Limbic System and my/our brain stem be reset. Let anything in my/our brain or thinking that is out of line be reset in the name of Jesus. Let the reset cause me/us to be mentally stable. 
Let my/our emotions be reset. Let anything in my/our 
emotions that is out of line be reset. Let the reset cause me/us to be emotionally stable.

Let my/our tongue and speech be reset. Let any area of my/our speech that is incorrect be reset. Let my/our tongue be wholesome. Let my/our tongue be a tree of life (Genesis 3:22, Proverbs 11:30). Let any perverse or crooked speech be removed from my/our tongue. Let me/us speak words of life and healing (completeness and wholeness Luke 17). Let me/us speak the word of the LORD and prophesy.

Let my/our voice be reset. Let the anointing be in my/our voice and vocal cords. Let anything hindering my/our life from being heard be removed.

Let my/our finances be reset. Let anything or anyone stealing my/our finances be removed. Let my/our bank accounts be reset. Let my/our wallet and purse be reset. Let my/our cash flow (of increase) be reset. Let anything that is out of order in my/our finances be removed in the name of Jesus.

Let my/our sowing and giving be reset. Let my/our seeds bring great multiplication (1,000 Fold Deuteronomy 1:11) in the days to come.

Let my/our relationships be reset. Let any person that is sent by the enemy into my/our life be removed. Let people who are sent by the LORD be added to my/our life.

I/We receive miracle resets for my/our body. Let my/our physical body be reset. Let my/our circulatory system be reset. Let my/our skeletal system be reset. Let my/our nervous system be reset. Let my/our muscular system be reset. Let my/our glands be reset. Let my/our digestive system be reset. Let each system of my/our body operate at an optimal level. Let the organs of my/our body be reset. Let my/our heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, lungs, stomach, intestines receive a divine reset. Let the cells in my/our body be reset. I/We believe and receive healing for any part of my/our body that is infirm in the name of Jesus.

Let my/our eyes, both naturally and spiritually be reset. Let me/us see clearly the things I/we need to see.

Let my/our ears, both naturally and spiritually be reset. Let me/us hear clearly the voice of the LORD. Let me/us hear the Word of God. Let me/us hear sound preaching and teaching. Remove any blockage from my/our ears that prevent me/us from hearing You clearly.

Let my/our nose and smell, both naturally and spiritually be reset. Let me/us have great discernment in the days to come.

Let my/our feet, both naturally and spiritually, be reset. Let me walk in the right paths. Let my/our walk with You LORD be strong and perfect.

Let my/our spine and spinal cord be reset. Let my/our posture be reset. Let my/our back be reset.

Let my/our appetite be reset. Let my/our taste be reset. Let anything I/we have a taste for that is harmful to my/our body be removed.

Let my/our sexual character be reset. Let any perversion or sexual impurity be removed form my/our life. I/We present my/our body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).

Let my/our time and schedule be reset. Let anything or anyone wasting my/our time be removed. Let my/our priorities be reset. Let me/us properly prioritize the things that are important to my/our purpose and destiny.

Let my/our prayer life be reset. Let my/our desire and passion for prayer be reset.
Let my/our Word life be reset. Let my/our desire and passion for Your Word be reset.
Let my/our praise life be reset. Let my/our desire and passion for praise be reset.
Let my/our worship be reset. Let my/our passion and desire for worship be reset.

Let my/our vision be reset. Let my/our hope be reset. Let my/our love be reset. Let my/our dream life be reset. Let anything that is hindering me/us from hearing God in my/our sleep be removed.

Let my/our sleep and rest be reset. Let me/us enjoy sweet sleep (Psalm 127:2, Proverbs 3:24, Job 11:19,  Psalm 4:8, Matthew 8:24, Jeremiah 31:26) Let all insomnia and restlessness be removed from my/our life.

Let my/our gifts be reset. Let anything preventing me/us from operating in my/our gifts be removed. Let fear be removed. I/We will stir up the gift of God within.

Let my/our faith be reset. Let all doubt and unbelief be removed from my/our life. Let my/our faith continue to grow exceedingly.

Let my/our dress, wardrobe and style be reset.

Let my/our present and my/our future be reset. Let my/our course be reset. Let any course that I/we am/are on leading me/us in the wrong direction be removed.

Let my/our joy and peace be reset. Let the joy of the LORD be my/our strength (Nehemiah 8:10), and let me/us enjoy SHALOM.

Let this year be a year of miracles and divine reset. Reset every area of my/our life LORD and key me/us function the way You intended. Let anything that is out of order in my/our life be reset. Let there be divine adjustments and corrections in my/our life. Let my/our walk in accuracy and completeness.

I /We believe for a continuous flow of blessings and prosperity in my/our life in 2017."

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