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Brian Kinter, was created to defeat the corrupt judges and court system with children services...

When on your cell, you have to scroll down to the bottom of this/ALL Web pages, click on Blue "classic" link (bottom of) this page to be in RIGHT format for proper viewing, and for BEST Viewing, hold your cell sideways like watching TV or a video...

"When you do harm to another, let no man or woman, regardless of class or status, be beyond the law. If the law harms the innocent, the law should rightfully show compassion for it's error and make right its wrong. End of story."
This story is about the State's inconsideration and imposition upon the Citizens in regard to their own children, and the Parental Rights which are the property of them who borne them. For the State to take away a child, undue of any wrongdoing of the Parent, is nothing shy of a rogue fanatically inconsiderate "Just-Us" System.
Watch the movie. Imagine it were you in Mr. Kinter's shoes. How would you react? What would you do if your flesh and blood immediate family is suddenly restricted...not for a day or a week.....not for three or nine months; but for THREE + years!
The clincher? 
No ...Just ...Cause.

Judges spread the false rumor they are immune from lawsuits, this is a lie. You can sue judges, or any government offical, who violates your civil rights. I can almost guarantee that if you have been to family court in the U.S. and have children under 18 you have had your civil rights violated. It is standard procedure in most states to guarantee a long and expensive custody battle and generate money for the courts too. As a matter of fact it likely happened in the very first visit and your own lawyer cooperated in making it happen.

Taking on the entire State of Ohio Judiciary, Illuminating their arrogance, ignorance, and refusal to follow their own policies, practices, and procedures, and the law. Perhaps I should rephrase that because perhaps their hidden agenda is it is their policy, practice, and procedure to utilize children to EXTORT a parent. Let's see what the JURY has to say?? Pam Gaston was able to win a 500 million dollar Jury Trial in Oregon when DHS violated her rights and those of her daughter. I believe the judges should be held to the same measuring stick as everyone else. Let a JURY DECIDE...

Brian Kinter, not only a great man but also father who successfully fought for his kids and succeeded-doesn't stop there as the fight continues for anyone who watches this! Most importantly, proof there IS HOPE and reason to never give up because the courts have done what they do best...drain you in every way! BRIAN'S VIDEO CLICK HERE (new tab)

Bud Veno 
*Mondays @8PM EST

*Fridays @8PM EST, VIDEO CLICK HERE (new tab)

Join "JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement)" like Chaplains DOYLE & Renee have HERE (new tab)

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