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For YOUR monthly giving, this is what Chaplains DOYLE & Renee are sworn to do for YOU on a daily basis. We ask the Holy Ghost to attach these Scriptures up on YOU, to Frame YOUR world with the Word of God. We will lift you up to the Lord and cast you over on Him according to 1 Peter 5:7, as we boldly come to the throne of God Hebrews 4:16. We pray Supernatural Increase up on YOU according to 1st. Samuel 15:22, Deuteronomy 1:11, Psalms 112, Ephesians 3:16 through Ephesians 3:20--  up on YOU in daily prayer time (please use these Scriptures for any and every need, desire and want YOU that have). When Chaplain DOYLE's book: "31 Daily Prayers to Frame Your World with Word of God-- 4 Supernatural Heavenly Favor" when published, we will send YOU a FREE copy! For immediate Inspirations from the Holy Ghost, please view web page of Renee's WebDevotions on this Website.

Blessings AND Thank YOU for being a local and world changer with us in YOUR monthly givings!!

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