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To invite Chaplains DOYLE & Renee to speak at your church, camp meeting, conference or retreat. Please fill out the invitation form completely, to the best of your knowledge. Blessings & Thank you!

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Please fill out the contact info completely. In the "Comment Box" please type ALL of necessary info of event you would like us at, so we can serve you and the group the very best that we will be talking to.

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  1) Do you have specific dates in mind, or are you open to accommodating DOYLE & Renee's, schedule?
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  3) Church Information: Church Host Name, Senior Pastor & Spouse?
  4) Church Mailing address?
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How did your church/pastor hear about DOYLE & Renee?
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13) Type of Venue ie: Church, Hotel, Conference, Convention center, Retreat, Other?
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15) Meeting Format: Regular Services? Retreat? Camp Meeting? Conference? Other?
Also please copy and paste in Comment Box a letter of invitation from Senior Pastor or Director of Conference THANK YOU!

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