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MY 4 month COMA PICS (was on life-support)
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One of coma pics my Mom took when I was in a coma on life support from mauling & killing of my body that was brought back to life at bloody crime scene...

My mom said this was thee 1st. time I smiled after I came out of 4 month coma...she said the coma took away the reaction muscles in my face. I remember mom said I just had a blank cold stare on my face when I looked at her or anybody...THIS WAS HELL ON MY PARENTS...AS YOU CAN IMAGINE...IF THIS WAS YOUR KID OR FAMILY MEMBER--AND--DRS. SAID "HE WILL BE A VEGETABLE OR DIE!!"

Trying to watch TV with my dad, but I could not see, as I was legally blind...

barbed wire

Being in a coma 4 months on life support so I could breathe laying there comatose--I lost function of my right arm and leg--wore a diaper & pic. HERE my Sis Dawn cut my hair for the 1st. time in over 4 months (but I couldn't see in mirror, as I was legally blind)--I remember screaming and shaking my head every time she tried she touched my head...I WAS FREAKING OUT BECAUSE 3 DUDES KICKED & BEAT MY HEAD IN so terribly--ALONG WITH MY BODY, THAT MY MOM & DAD DID not KNOW IT WAS THEIR SON!! I guess I thought I was still in fight NOT wanting my head touched....

    August 1987...This is thee "blank" stare I was talking about...


               TODAY...I AM A MIRACLE !!