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Newsroom Press Release

FasTrack  Evangelism is helping all races of people through Half-Way Houses and Ministering through MotorSport of Drag Racing-- as Ordained Chaplains

For immediate media release: May 1, 2018 

Most of us learned as children that sharing is a good thing.

We didn't know back then we were practicing "philanthropy"--we just knew that giving to other people or important causes made us feel good. Decades ago, many people tended to give to the organizations that touched their lives, such as churches, hospitals and schools. (Those three are still among the most popular recipients of charitable giving like Chaplains Doyle & Renee Thomas with Corporate 501(c)(3) Non-profit "FasTrack Ministries".)


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T.F.T.M.N. (T.eam F.asT.rack M.inistries N.etwork) is a Ministry dedicated to reaching out to people online on Social Media. Chaplains Doyle & Renee Thomas are called to help those in need wanting  a "hand up", not just a hand out in this life-- through food, clothing, temporary housing, and education. Their passion is to help teach people a better way of life and give men, women, boys and girls a different way to operate in everyday life. They give education through grants and scholarships in school, and teach what the Bible states on spending eternity in Heaven- AND-- a ministry in the field of MotorSports – drag racing, specifically – with the Living Word of God.

Definition of the word "Ministry" by Webster's Dictionary is this: "serving or helping others". This is what they do - they are "Problem "Solvers 4 Others". This Ministry website was created by Chaplain Doyle to teach others how they can all help our neighbors in the state of Ohio-- and eventually, our goal is to help every state in America. You can be a helping hand to help bless these God-chosen Chaplains to reach out to people in need. They are welcoming and asking everyone to donate to their secure giving platform website, that has been voted by Google Chrome as a 'Secure, Safe-Surf Friendly Platform' to help them reach out more effectively to the people that need a 'hand up' not just a hand out in their life today and for their future, while educating them to be able to keep this blessing of better living through the building of two **Half-Way Houses.


**Half-Way House is an institution that allows people with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities, or those with criminal backgrounds, to learn (or relearn) the necessary skills to re-integrate into society. As well as serving as a residence, halfway houses provide social, medical, psychiatric, educational, and other similar services. To complete these God Visions, like every God Mission (like Salvation Army or Red Cross), this Ministry needs much needed funds so they can start breaking ground on the much needed facilities. Your offerings that are donated to their ministry will serve as the conduit to the miracle and breakthrough in others' lives. "What you make happen for others, God will make it happen for you" (Ephesians 6:8).

FasTrack Ministries Ministry is led by the anointed servants of God, Founding Father Chaplain Doyle and his wife, Chaplain Renee Thomas, in partnership with people everywhere who are willing to donate to this ministry via their website: a 501(c)(3) Corporate Non-Profit authorized by the IRS and US Treasury and is also listed with Amazon Smile, Ebay for Charity and others. To help propel this ministry forward, T.F.T.M.N-- proudly announces the launch of their new design look of their 5+ year old Website on a PC: iPad, Desk Top or Laptop-- fully secure and Google Web Friendly with the options for our friends viewing their ministry website to give securely one-time, or on a monthly basis with a minimum giving of $.16 cents a day or just $4.99 each month. In a statement by Chaplain Doyle while talking about these God Visions, "Prayerfully seek God and become partners with our ministry for miracles and blessings in others' lives according to God's Living Word. Funds raised through our Website and sent in by mail will be used exclusively to help us in carrying out our divine mandate with the help of our generous partners", concluded Chaplain Doyle, in an interview while serving the community.

Chaplain Renee added in voice complementing her husband's words. "My husband does live Invocation of an amazing prayer for everyone's fun and safety at the race track. He never forgets to thank the military for their protection, and I sing the National Anthem live to honor our great country and men and women in the Armed Services which allows our freedom to enjoy the entertainment of MotorSports."

This runs right into the second vision Doyle & Renee have and are doing actively. Being Chaplains for Drag racing and 'any' MotorSport that accepts Chaplains to come in and do Invocation and live National Anthem is a largely uncharted territory for the Gospel in MotorSports.

The founding Father of T.F.T.M.N. (T.eam F.asT.rack M.inistries N.etwork), Chaplain Doyle Thomas used to be a man of many vices which led him to lose his life – literally – had it not been for the intervention of God who brought him back to life. It was Doyle living in a **Half-Way House that Salvation found Doyle, through two elderly people who came to share the Living Word of God with those being rehabilitated and the fire to win souls for God was kindled in Doyle. Thirty plus years later he married his co-chaplain Renee, a domestic violence survivor herself whose ex-husband nearly killed her from his drunken and drug induced manifestations.
Real Ministry. Good Times. Reaching people with God's Love 1 person at a time--

Don & Sue we met at #CastingCrowns concert at #OhioStateFair on July 30, 2018. We prayed and spoke God's Word over her and her husband Don, as Sue was believing for a new kidney! Doesn't she look healed and whole after believing prayer? YES!

Casting Crowns

We went to BEAUTIFUL Otway, OH on Saturday, July 7, 2018 to meet our new friends Kelly & her husband Jeff. They are a precious couple, their dogs are precious, and we can't wait to visit them again! — in Otway, Ohio. Kelly's fb Page HERE <new tab

Kelly TA I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both! VERY AWESOME & INSPIRATIONAL couple!! Thanks for the laughs Chaplain Doyle! It was fun!! Thanks for your prayers as well. ��

Before Russ's hair wash, cut and beard trim.

A new man!

This is our friend, Russ.  Russ lives below poverty level. Russ has been diagnosed by doctors as having bi-polar disorder. He has become our friend. I, Chaplain Doyle pick Russ up to take him to eat and get his hair washed, cut and beard trimmed. Russ is a lot like you and I.

As you can see, this young man lives like most of us do NOT. But yet so many Americans DO live like this. His 89 year old mom sends him money every month to go with with his social security so he can live.

Russ doesn't bathe. He doesn't wash his clothes. He doesn't brush his teeth. Russ has body odor and as a result, unfortunately his apartment smells. Most people wouldn't want to be bothered with him. But he is our friend.

He has bags of opened snacks (ie: potato chips, pretzels, 1 and 2 liters of soda pop that's been sitting of the floor for 4 years, because his supposed "friends" were coming by to watch the Super Bowl 4 years ago-- and Russ bought these Superbowl snacks to feed them. (Do you remember who played then? We don't. Had to google it. Super Bowl XLVIII [48] Seahawks beat Broncos 43-8.) His "friends" never showed up. He gave us some of the soda pop and snacks that were on his floor. The pop was flat and the snacks were not edible from sitting so long and has incorporated the taste of his unkempt smelly apartment. BUT Russ is our friend. He has a kind, loving heart.

We picked Russ up and fed him a Wendy's lunch. Jesus sat with smelly people and had lunch with them. He laughed with them and talked to them like they were the only people alive. Jesus showed them love like we did to Russ (Read Luke 15). We laughed with Russ and talked #OhioState #Sports with Russ that he is really into, because that is all he talks about because all he does is watch Ohio State Sports and movies on TV, because he is divorced; and he lost his only child, his daughter some years ago. My wife Renee enjoys his company and looks forward to us spending time with him.

Russ is our friend.

Then we took him to our salon and had his hair and beard washed and cut by Inez who cuts our hair. This is the gospel in a nut shell. We genuinely love people. We genuinely love on people. We help people in our ministry and in our community. We help people not like us or you. By you donating to our T.eam F.asT.rack M.inistry N.etwork, you get the same Godly Heavenly reward by your financial support to help people like Russ through us!

The pictures above are from February 2018 when Russ last had a hair/beard cut. Russ has NOT had his beard trimmed or his hair washed or cut since that time in the winter, because of his mental illness condition. We took him to our hair stylist Inez Sunday July 1, after we came back from lunch with Russ. We are loving Russ like Jesus did in Luke 15. Renee is talking to him about his hygiene on showering and washing his clothes. We pray Russ gets the revelation, because he is a sweetheart and good looking 61 years of age, and everybody needs friends, life partner/spouse. WE NEED TO FUMIGATE HIS APARTMENT AND GET HIS STUFF CLEANED UP. DONATE BELOW IF YOU CAN HELP THIS KIND SOUL LIVE A BETTER LIFE. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US REACH SOULS LIKE RUSS, ONE PERSON AT A TIME WITH A MONEY DONATION BELOW ONLINE OR BY MAIL NOW.

We went to Summit Motorsports Park Summit Equipment Nationals to show God's Amazing Love:

"This is what life is really about"... man in wheel chair is Rick. I went over to say "hi" and introduce myself. Rick told me he is battling #cancer. I asked him if I could pray for him. "Of course" Rick said. I first had him repeat a prayer out loud for #Salvation. Then I took authority over cancer and death in his body and spoke life on his body and his family...

Rick never put his cigarette out. I never asked him to.

THIS is how Jesus would of done it if He was talking and praying to/for this young man. Jesus states: "the well don't need a doctor," Luke 15. Jesus ate with sinners and did not condemn or judge them.

Neither did I.

Rick told me "I will see you here again at Norwalk" with tears in his eyes. "I said yes sir. You will see us racing our 1980 Chevy Monza drag car." THEN, right after that, a beautiful, precious 10 year old bi-racial boy with his Grandpa, both with the same #DNA piercing nice eyes, came over to us- and asked if I had food in our cooler. He wanted our #Pringles. We gave him a half-can of #potatochips and a can of #GingerAle.



WE ARE JESUS HANDS, FEET, MOUTH PIECE TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ASK FOR HELP. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL REALLY ABOUT... #RealLife #Gospel #Bible #Love #ministry #love #salvation #Jesus #sin #sinless #Christ #friendship #friends

We hope and pray you never experience this life like Chaplain Doyle did--

After his beating, death, and brought back to life by EMS at the bloody crime scene, Doyle was in a 4 month coma on life support and had  to relearn basic life skills. Once he fully recovered, he has devoted his time and life to saving those souls who do not know Christ, and also shares with them this passion of fun and entertaining MotorSport of Drag Racing. After you finish reading this page, you can click the title: "Doyle  a PARTY MAN?" link and my life-story <new tab

Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which cars, trucks and motorcycles...

...AND Jr. Dragsters (kids 8-17 race smaller race cars) usually specially prepared for racing to compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line racing for a trophy and or cash money.

View image on Twitter
Young man who got a race trophy in winning his age class in    drag racing a Jr. Dragster.

Chaplain Doyle Thomas, is a man familiar with this territory as he grew up building a race car at the early age of 10, which he was used in drag racing with his father (and my mother drove the race car) – a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro in the 1970s...

My Mom's Race Car, a 1967 Chevy Camaro well as Doyle driving a race car he built from junk-yard status, from the ground-up when he was 14, and had car finished completely by the time I was 16-- for local drag racing events and as a street car in high school. As a young boy, Jerry Witzel saw both of these cars at the track and told us he remembers my Mom racing as well as me!! Jerry's fb Page HERE. <new tab

To get more information, contact Chaplains Doyle & Renee Thomas below, or your free easy secure giving to our Outreach Missions--

Media Contact:
Company Name: FasTrack Ministries
Contact Person: Chaplains Doyle & Renee Thomas
Phone: 302.507.3309
Address: PO BOX 613
City: Worthington
State: OH. 43085-0613
Country: United States

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