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Street Outlaws Big Chief's (Justin Shearer) car "The Crow" was totaled...

Big Chief's car was apparently struck last night (Sunday morning around 4am., Nov. 15, '15) in a Street Outlaws episode filming in OKC. We're

hearing that Brian 'Chucky' Davis lost control of his car, hitting the rear 1/4 of 'The Crow' sending it into a terrible roll. 
Both racers are generally

(both are bruised and banged up and walked to ambulance), Please keep these racers in your thoughts as they recover from this insane

We received the jaw dropping news last night while on the streets of Texas. It was a big reminder how dangerous this sport is. Pictures and content is  courtesy of & Facebook.

I, Chaplain DOYLE, am very thankful both drivers will be OK!! These material items of cars that us car people love, can & will 

replaced!! Our fragile lives cannot !! reached out to Justin “Big Chief” Shearer this morning and we got the extend of his injuries from the high speed crash that totaled his famed Crow 1972 Pontiac LeMans.

In an exchange with Chad Reynolds (Author at BangShift), Shearer said, l (have) Brused lungs, and on oxygen right now. Crushed my L2 and L3 in my back, broken collarbone, and pretty beat up, but so thankful to be alive right now. The trauma doc just said he doesn’t think they are going to have to transfer me to OU med center anymore which is good. He said I can probably go home tonight.”

Amazingly, Shearer also told us that he did not know the extent of the mess until this morning. “They just woke me up for breathing treatments and I demanded someone to read me the Bangshift page to see how bad the crash was. ”

Yikes! As the situation continues to evolve we’ll keep you up to date. At this point we do not know the condition of the other driver in relation to Chief’s.

Brian 'Chucky' Davis  Fox Body Mustang totaled remnants of race car after hitting rear quarter of Big Chief's Pontiac.

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Big Chief's NEW Car: (4.00s, 180+ mph in 1/8mi.)

Big Chief's newest race car:

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